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Military Hiking Backpacks


Hiking is an exciting way to observe nature and celebrate the great outdoors. Yet for all its beauty, the wilderness can be a dangerous place, especially for hikers without proper equipment. Hiking backpacks are specifically designed to assist in a rigorous journey through the wild; providing a system that evenly distributes weight and maximizes space so you can pack and unpack camp with ease.

Built for Durability

Hiking backpacks come in a variety of liter sizes, built with and without internal metal frames. Typically, the longer the journey, the more weight you’ll need to carry. Frameless hiking backpacks are good for short day trips; any trip longer than a day usually requires a frame with more compartment space for previsions and gear. Hiking backpacks are made from durable nylon materials with solid stitching and durable zippers. Lightweight foam inserts add extra padding. Unlike tactical backpacks, hiking backpacks don’t have as many points of entry or offer additional storage options to the exterior.

Made for Smart Storage & Comfort

A hiking backpack is designed to be carefully loaded and unloaded as you move between camps. Most open from the top, making items loaded on the bottom difficult to access. Some hiking backpacks feature a top lid pocket for items that will be regularly needed throughout the day like sunglasses, snacks or first aid kit. Hiking backpacks offer several adjustments areas as well, to ensure comfort over long periods of travel. The shoulder strap and hip belt should be adjustable to fit hikers of all shapes and sizes.


Some hiking backpacks come with a hydration bladder. Depending on the nature of the activities and the duration of the hike, other bladders may be more suitable for the trip than the one provided by the pack. Some hiking backpacks may seem heavy, even without provisions. Don’t let this deter you. The support from a metal frame should never be compromised for longer hiking periods. Instead, consider the items you bring on the trip and decide whether they’re worth bringing at all. Lightening the load this way is a much better way to pack lighter than using a frameless backpack for a long trip through the wilderness.