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Off Road Backpacks


When you need a backpack that has the versatility of tactical gear, but without the cumbersome size and military style, the off-road backpack is a great alternative. Typically, these bags are smaller than a hiking backpack (usually less than 30 liters). The compact size and sleek design of these backpacks can be used for a variety of purposes, from short outdoor excursions, to daily wear-and-tear. This is a great bag for adventure lovers, nature photographers or anyone who needs to transport sensitive equipment with ease and comfort. Off-road backpacks are great for motorcycle commuters.


Multiple entry points and various compartment sizes allow you to prioritize yourgear—specialized slots, loops, clips and straps are perfect for securely fastening almost any type of equipment. Most off-road backpacks feature an easy-to-open top compartment to make quick use of items like keys and sunglasses. A larger internal compartment is great for sensitive equipment like a camera, GPS tools or laptop.

Size & Durability

Quality off-road packs are made of durable nylon, feature strong stitching andheavy-duty zippers. Most are water-resistant or can be easily covered by a rain sheet. Off-road backpacks are smaller and lighter than most hiking backpacks or tactical bags, making them ideal for personal daily use or light excursions.

Variety of Uses

Today, many off-road packs are available to meet various lifestyle needs. Some havespecial compartments for sensitive electronic equipment like tablets, cell phones and iPods. Others have special loops for carrying a camera tripod or hydration bladder. Whatever the off-road need, you can usually find a travel solution with one of these backpacks.

Great for Protection & Comfort

While these backpacks are not as customizable as a tactical bag, they will provideneeded protection for sensitive gear should the situation demand it. Off-road bags are made with padded foam inserts in several locations to ensure comfort on the back and shoulders, as well as inside the bag to protect items. Off-road backpacks are great for everyday use as well as occasional weekend adventures. If you can only have one backpack, the off-road backpack is a sure bet.