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Tactical & Military Backpacks


In a worst-case scenario, a tactical backpack can provide the edge you’ll need to survive the most challenging wildernesses and extreme conditions. Don’t take chances on poor quality gear or unreliable equipment. A military-style tactical backpack is designed to prioritize your tools in a series of customizable, easy to access compartments. Tactical backpacks offer optimized efficiency when and where you need it most; so no matter the circumstance, you can find what you need.

Organizational Capacity

Tactical backpacks are easily identifiable by their appearance. Most backpacks inthis category utilize a modular lightweight load-carrying equipment system (MOLLE), a 1-inch thick webbing of straps that covers the front and sides of the backpack. This webbing allows you to add extra pouches of all shapes and sizes with little to no hassle. Optimizing the compartment space of the pack internally and externally, allows you to store items in a priority system by dividing equipment into groups and subgroups. Additionally, tactical backpacks have attachment points underneath the bag for space to carry things like a tarp, sleeping bag or tent.


Quality backpacks in this category are made of strong and durable nylon, held together with solid threading, and feature heavy-duty zippers that won’t tear if accidentally ripped on. Materials should be water repellent though not necessarily waterproof. In general, tactical backpacks are built tough and should be able to withstand extended use without fail in extreme weather conditions.


While tactical backpacks are built to be tough, they are also designed to beextremely comfortable. A quality backpack will feature padded areas on the back to allow some airflow. Chest and waist buckles may differ between brands, but all should be easily adjustable to fit comfortably and securely without excessive chaffing.

Tactical Makes the Difference

Unlike hiking backpacks, tactical bags feature more access points into the bag andoffer more customizable solutions for situational needs. Unlike most hiking backpacks, tactile backpacks are not usually built with an interior metal frame to distribute weight—tactical bags are designed to allow the wearer more movement flexibility while the wearer movies through rough terrain. There’s no substitution if you’ve got extreme outdoor needs:
the tactical backpack is the best choice.