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Travel Backpacks

Travel Backpacks


Traveling by plane, bus, train or boat can present its own unique set of challenges. The urban landscape can be just as demanding as the wilderness, and requires its own set of tools to best transport possessions safely and effectively. Specially designed travel backpacks are the best way to travel light and travel smart while exploring urban areas.

Comfort & Convenience

Travelers often assume a hiking backpack will work well in urban areas while touring a new country. However, hiking backpacks are top loading, which means you’ll have to unpack everything if you need something packed on the bottom. Travel backpacks are designed to provide much of the same comfort as a hiking backpack, but with an access point that works more like a suitcase. This way, while you’re touring around, you can access needed items with ease.

Simple & Compact

Unlike hiking backpacks, most travel backpacks do not have extra straps or suspension systems on the shoulders or hips. If they do, these straps are designed to be pulled back and secured out of the way so they don’t get tangled when loaded onto a bus or plane. One of the most important features of a travel backpack is its size and shape. Many are small enough to count as a carryon item in an airport or bus depot.

Design for Commuting & Less Load Time

Travel backpacks are not designed for extensive daily travel on a wearers back. The straps are combatable for bits of time throughout the day, but not for long treks through the city. Darting around town for the day often means taking off the bag for lunch, bus ride or while shopping. Many travel backpacks do not have a hip belt, which is nice when you want to put on or remove the backpack quickly while you cruise about the city. The drawback is that heavy loads will feel heavier over time, so if you plan on doing a lot of traveling by foot, it might be better to bring with a hiking backpack. Keep this in mind when planning your activities and deciding on what bag works best for your trip. For easy access, movement flexibility and ease of travel, nothing beats a traveling backpack.