Condor Elite is proud to announce that we have partnered with Covered 6 to provide testing, evaluation, development, design and marketing services for the new Elite Line and covert first responder R.A.C.E. products.

R.A.C.E stands for Respond Aggressively Contain or Engage

Condor Outdoor is taking it to the next level with new offerings for the recreational and operational markets. We are excited to be along for the mission!

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The new Condor Elite line is getting bigger. New offerings, including a proprietary line of "covert" urban operator gear called R.A.C.E gear is on the horizon.

From recreational to operational, Condor gear has got you covered. Speaking of covered, our new gear testing and development partners at Covered 6 will be stacking up to offer some real world experience. Stay tuned and be safe!


 About Covered 6

Covered 6 is a group of highly experienced trainers and consultants with backgrounds in law enforcement, military, legal community and corporate security.  Many of our cadre have gained their experience in austere environments, real life combat scenarios, and major crisis management, both stateside and abroad. 
We have pooled this talent to provide the best possible resources available for qualified individuals and organizations.  For information on the background of the instructor or consultant for a specific course or service please contact us and we will release that information on a "need to know" basis. Many of our subject matter experts are currently working in sensitive assignments or deployed with the military.
Principal - Founder

Our director served in the US Army as a decorated Military Police Investigator, Special Reaction Team point man/sniper (SRT), Air Assault and protective services detail member (PSD). Chris later joined the LAPD, where he achieved "Honor Graduate" of his academy class. Chris served as a member of an East LA anti-gang unit (CRASH) and team leader of a Special Problems Unit (SPU). In 1998, Chris was awarded the Medal of Valor "For courage under fire".  Chris was also honored with the national Top Cop Award,  presented by President Bill Clinton in the "Oval Office" of the White House. During his LE career Chris has served as Field Training Officer, Special Response Team (SWAT), POST Certified Defensive Tactics Instructor, undercover narcotics detective, and Special Enforcement Detail (SED) investigator.  He was again recognized in Washington by receiving a OCDETF Award from US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. Chris is a black belt in Tang Soo Do, a P.O.S.T certified Krav Maga police instructor and holds various firearms, less lethal and tactics instructor certifications. 

 At Covered 6, Chris has taught and certified thousands of public safety personnel, law enforcement officers, teachers, instructors, and responsible armed citizens. He is the founder of the ADAPT programs and teaches this program at several Southern California universities. He is also the inventor of the Savior MTS Shield, RTD Weapons security systems, and other patented public safety products. Chris currently consults, trains and develops policy for major studios, aero space companies, universities, private schools, national private security companies and fortune 500 organizations.

Team Members and Advisers

GLOBAL SPECIAL OPERATIONS - CAPTAIN CRAIG POWELL (RET), Craig has served as the Deputy Commander of SOCPAC (Special Operations Command Pacific), SEAL TEAM 6, and a Defense Attache. Craig is one of the most accomplished special operations leaders in the community. His extensive experience in real world operational planning, mission execution, resource management and assessment at the highest level is an incredible resource.  Craig was at the Pentagon during the attacks on 911, where he was injured and continued to save lives.  Craig also has a degree in Aerospace Engineering.  

 PRIVATE INVESTIGATIONS - During a vast and decorated 25 year law enforcement career, our Director of Investigations has successfully investigated hundreds of high profile and sensitive cases. He held law enforcement ranks of Officer, Detective, Sergeant and Lieutenant, and was assigned to Crimes against Persons, Narcotics Enforcement, Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism. Assigned as an undercover operative for more than ten years, our Director was assigned  to numerous local, state and federal agencies, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Drug Enforcement Administration, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the California Department of Justice. He served throughout the U.S., Mexico and South America. He is a recognized expert in surveillance, undercover operations and the methodologies of Narcotics traffickers.Following his distinguished law enforcement career, our Director of Investigations became a licensed Private Investigator, collaborating with law firms representing manufacturers and major corporations. He has developed extensive worldwide resources, and has proven ability to provide consistently quantifiable results for our clients

 USE OF FORCE POLICY AND PROCEDURE - DAVID DEMURJIAN: David brings over 24 years of legal experience dealing with the "Use of Force" by law enforcement. As a Deputy District Attorney in Orange County California, Massachusetts, and New York State, he has tried and consulted for  the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (“L.A.S.D.”), New York City Police Department, Massachusetts State Police, Drug Enforcement Administration, United States Secret Service, Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office, and United States Department of the Army. David is also a California POST certified Defensive Tactics (DTAC) instructor and drug recognition expert.

 NORCAL TRAINING PROGRAMS AND SECURITY CONSULTING: DAVID BURNS: David spent 35 years in law enforcement and military special operations. David served as an Army Ranger, 12th Special Forces and Marine Force Recon. During his LE career, David was assigned to the DEA as a major narcotics expert in undercover operations, surveillance, wiretaps, and tracking devices. He has taught these techniques in foreign countries and testified before congress on classified missions.  David also pioneered LE HELO operations for POST certification.  David is a FLETC firearms instructor, LE Air Assault instructor, and certified paralegal.

 FIREARMS TRAINING PROGRAMS - Our lead instructor has over 18 years in law enforcement. He is currently a tactical firearms (Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun) and "Less Lethal Munitions" instructor for an elite unit in a major Southern California police department.  As a POST certified instructor, he has trained thousands of police officers in tactics, weapons, officer survival and mobile field force operations. He has also served as a Vice Investigator, training officer and SWAT CNT Certified.

 EXPLOSIVES AND ORDNANCE DISPOSAL - NARBEH HARTOONIAN:  Narbeh is currently SME/trainer for a federal agency and currently seeking an advanced degree in science. Narbeh is a former member of the US Army Explosive Ordnance Disposal Unit (EOD) with multiple tours in Iraq. Narbeh is a expert in all aspects of IED's and explosive materials. Having survived several direct explosive attacks by the enemy, Narbeh is one of the leading subject matter experts.

 PUBLIC SAFETY TRAINING - CHRIS THROGMORTON: Chris is a former California Highway Patrol officer and a US Marine, Chris brings years of experience in law enforcement investigations and operations. Chris now coordinates training for private sector certifications. Chris is a POST certified  instructor and lead ADAPT instructor,  has a degree in Business Management and is currently working on a masters in Business Management. 

 TRAINING COORDINATOR - GEORGE BASHAROUN: George served in the US Army as a Calvary Scout attached to the US Special Forces. He is current active duty with a confidential military intelligence unit. George brings his organizational team player skills to our tactical training programs. He is C6 firearms instructor and security agent for executive protection details. George also speaks fluent Arabic and assists with our foreign travel details. 

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