The term “Bugging Out” used to mean someone was losing their marbles. Today, with all the uncertainty in the world it has a whole new meaning.  Gone are the days of survivalists being labeled as a bunch of paranoid “whackos” who moved to Montana and build compounds.  Everyone is getting ready for something. There are TV shows dedicated to prepping, people building multi-millions dollar shelters, and Costco is selling freeze dried food in bulk.

So where does a “Bug Out” bag fit into the mix and what the heck is it?  “Bugging Out” is a term used by modern day prepared enthusiasts who believe that in order to be really prepared, one has to be ready at all time. This includes work and play, not just when hanging out at the new age compound. 

The scenario is simple. A person might be minding their business when disaster strikes. However, they are miles away from their hideout and need to make it back safely. Or the conversely, they might be forced from the safety of their hideout and have to travel light and fast. This is where the B.O.B (Bug Out Bag) comes in.

Essentially the B.O.B is a reliable and versatile pack that can be carried hands free and has enough YKK zippered storage space for all the cool tactical essentials on the market.  Some people need more than others, but all would agree this kit needs enough supplies to be mobile and alive for 3-7 days.

Many will argue the specific contents of the kit, but there are some principal based items that shall be present to be considered a true B.O.B. Here is the Top 20 short list:

  1. Water Storage – Bladder/Bottle
  2. Water Purification (pump better than pills)
  3. Weapon – Handgun or compact rifle (People love .22 for shooting food)
  4. Knife – small enough to keep in pocket, big enough to fight with
  5. Flashlight – LED (Do they even make incandescent anymore?)
  6. Toilet Paper – Aside from the obvious great for starting fires
  7. Lightweight Rain Gear (at least jacket)
  8. Clothing (socks, underwear, and non-cotton T-shirt)
  9. Sanitary Kit (Toothbrush, Soap, Hand Sanitizer, Etc)
  10. Portable Food (energy bars, Freeze Dried, beef jerky treats, and power shots)
  11. Cooking stove ( Cup with plate and Spork) Needs Gas
  12. Fire starter (torch or flamethrower)
  13. First Aid Kit
  14. Multi-Tool
  15. 550 cordage
  16. Super Glue and duck tape (fixes everything)
  17. Sunscreen
  18. Cash, Gold and trading items
  19. Batteries and or solar charger
  20. Plastic trash bag

Now take these items and organize them in a Condor Elite Titan or Frontier pack and you are  ready to Bug Out! Remember the most important thing to bring is a positive attitude. Stay safe and Cover 6.